My name's Jack and I'm a fullstack web and mobile developer. I've worked for some of the best names in tech - in creative captials like Berlin and Melbourne. Now I'm bringing startup expertise to studios and digital agencies.

Hall Of Fame

After 6 years in tech, I've had some amazing jobs at incredible startups building wonderful products — including my own profitable company. Here are my favourites.


Senior Fullstack and Android developer 2016
Scala, Rails, Java, Go, NodeJS, BackboneJS, React, ReactNative


Backend developer 2015
API and Payments Team
Java, Scala, AKKA, Spring, Play


Lead Frontend developer 2014
18 Million Users. 70 Million Photographs
NodeJS, Typescript, Isomorphic ReactJS, Flux


IOT and API developer 2017
Go, Scala, Java 8, AKKA, NodeJS, AWS IOT

Monkii Studio

Lead Frontend and Android developer 2012
Melbourne's highly respected Monkii Studio
Wordpress, Angular, Laravel, Symfony

I founded my own profitable startup — an online 3D rendering service called 3drendercloud.com. I built every aspect of it, from the design, development, and testing, to the marketing, and paper work. That takes organization!

What can I do for you?

I've worked in a wide range of fields from frontend to backend, to Android development, system administration, and business intelligence. No matter the role, I take pride in building modern, well designed, and thoroughly tested solutions. The skills I've learnt along the way make me an excellent freelance contractor.


Fullstack web development is my strongest discipline.

I was lead frontend developer at EyeEm, a dedicated backend developer at GoEuro, and a senior fullstack developer at Soundcloud.

Building interactive single-page apps, large e-commerce platforms, APIs, and even small Wordpress sites is something I'm thoroughly experienced in.


Android, IOT

Android was my first love and I've spent several years as a full-time mobile developer.

This includes work on Soundcloud's native Android app, with nearly half a billion downloads. If I can handle that kind of scale and complexity I can build you a great app!

I've also worked in IOT at geeny.io with arduinos, raspberry pies, and custom hardware. I helped build an API on top of the AWS IOT framework.


Raspberry Pi

At SoundCloud I was responsible for the deployment and maintenance of hundreds of critical-path servers using Docker, Kubernetes, and Amazon Web Services.

Our services handled thousands of requests per second - from all over the world.

I built my own profitable startup on AWS infrastructure for rendering 3D models online. It spends a lot of money on my behalf to rent servers so I had to ensure that every test case was accounted for. Security practices were also paramount to ensure that machines were secure and users' files were private.

Let me design your infrastructure, maintain your servers, or migrate your business to the cloud so you can enjoy lower costs and higher stability.



I believe better data means better business decisions - that's why I started my own BI consultancy.

Whether it's basic Google Analytics, custom database migrations, or a complex Tableau dashboard you'll be surprised at how valuable business intelligence can be.


Curriculum vitae

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April 2017 - ongoing

CloudBlenderFarm, Founder

Scala, AWS, Firebase

I left startups to start my own. I built a profitable online 3D rendering service called CloudBlenderFarm. I created every aspect of it, including design and marketing campaigns. The infrastructure is built in Scala Play and AKKA. It dynamicallly allocates AWS EC2 GPU machines to customers and remotely runs rendering software on them. It was a fantastic learning experience. I advertise with Google Adwords, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. I handle payments via Stripe and logins via Firebase. Everything else is done programmatically in AWS.

January 2017 - April 2017 (Contract)

API and IOT developer

Scala, Java 8, AKKA, NodeJS, AWS IOT, Firebase

I worked as a contractor for Telefonica Germany's R&D offshoot Geeny. I wrote APIs in Scala and Node that managed a complex IOT ecosystem of custom hardware built on the Amazon IOT platform.

April 2016 - January 2017

Soundcloud, Fullstack Engineer

Scala, Java, NodeJS

I wrote Scala APIs and Node applications on an epic scale at SoundCloud. With over 150million users and hundreds of microservices, code had to be stringently tested and of the highest quality.

February 2015 - October 2015

GoEuro, Senior Java API Developer

Java, Scala, Spring, Play, AKKA

GoEuro is an agile and energetic Berlin startup that brings bus, train, and air travel together in one place. I worked as a senior backend Java engineer designing and building a brand new RESTful API, which was consumed by many applications and thousands of users daily. It also handled tens of thousands of euros in payments and had to be extremely secure and robust. It called many external parties, and dealt with sensitive information such as addresses and payments. It was a critical system, so bullet-proof testing and clear code planning were paramount.

October 2015 - March 2016

MoreSleep, Tech Lead (Contract)

DevOps, Wordpress, Docker

I served as Tech Lead at the Berlin digital agency MoreSleep. I assisted in hires, managed the developer team, scoped projects, and lead development. I also used my experience in larger companies to modernize the studio's workflows and implement new development and deployment architectures.

June 2014 - February 2015

EyeEm, Fullstack Node Engineer

NodeJS, React, ES6, Flux, PHP

EyeEm is one of the most famous startups in Germany. I worked there as a full stack engineer building a NodeJS-React isomorphic single page web app.

May 2012 - May 2014

Monkii, Lead Frontend Developer

Backbone, Angular, C#, PHP, jQuery, Android

Monkii is a leading digital agency in Melbourne were I worked for two great years as lead front-end, mobile and wordpress developer.

December 2011 - April 2012

Instinct, Frontend and Wordpress Developer

Backbone, jQuery, PHP, Wordpress

Instinct are the makers of the WP-eCommerce plugin. I've been building a set of Wordpress themes and plugins based around selling music online. They using AJAX and a jPlayer to play music through out the site.

May 2011 - April 2012

Computers For People, Android Developer

Android, Java, C#, PHP, Wordpress

Built four enterprise Android apps along with several Wordpress projects.

January 2011 - August 2011

Paper Kite Ltd, Android Developer

Android, Java

Built the Official All Blacks App with a Wellington studio

January 2008 - May 2012

Wellington University, Bachelor of Science

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I'm always looking for new freelance and contract partners in creative capitals around the world. If you have ideas about how we might work together, don't hesitate to drop me a line and we can talk about it further.